Definition Discussion: Conditions of Rebuttal





Often, rebuttals and responses we tend to omit from our writings are what seem obvious to us because we are experts on our own topics. However, the truth is that many times these are not really obvious to others - after all, many people disagree with you, and they might have good reasons for their opinion that you've overlooked.

In your assigned group, please meet in the MOO. Once in the room, the first thing you need to do is start the recorder. One of you should type in 'start recorder.' (It will ask you to name it. Name it after your group's room.)

Once you've started your recorder, you should all take turns with each person stating his/her claim and then the rest offering possible objections (Even if you don't disagree with the claim, pretend like you do. You're looking for holes so that person can plug them up. Play Devil's Advocate). Each of the other people in your group will have to come up with at least one objection each to your claim. (Go around the "room" - each person offers one). Then, you have to explain away those objections.

For each intelligent objection you deal with in addition to those, the objector and the objectee will get one point extra credit per (in other words, only the people who are participating in the argument will get the extra point, not anybody who's just sitting there). The maximum is 10 extra credit points per person. The possiblities are there to get some good points!

By the way, passionate arguing is fine. Cursing and name-calling are not!

Be sure to send the recorder transcript to me by email so I can award you your points (It will ask the person who started the recorder if he/she wants to e-mail the transcipt to him/herself. Say yes, then when you get it, forward it to me).



  • Gain a greater understanding of the possible weaknesses or flaws in your claim
  • Gain a greater understanding of your audience's understanding of your claim


Groups in the MOO:

Red Room:

Jennifer Boone
Mark Cunningham
Jaroslaw Kuras

Green Room:

Joe Pavlecich
Marisa Graor
Priscilla Goble

Blue Room:

Tom Garrett
Tom Smulski
Anna Jaworowski
Frank Hettlinger

Purple Room:

Garret Elmer
Mark Mannello
Christine Rivera

White Room:

Mike West
Young Lee
Derrick Thrash

Caley Jones


Adapted from S.R.LaDow


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