Audience Analysis








Advertising executives spend a long time designing ads to appeal to specific groups of people. Each ad the company puts out has its own "primary audience" at which it is aimed.

You and your partner will be given a magazine ad. By analyzing different aspects of the ad (color, language, visuals, mood, presentation of product, etc.), you and your partner will determine which group of people those advertising executives were attempting to reach.

To analyze the ad, you must answer the following key questions (and none of them are yes/no):

1.) What age group is this ad appealing to? Estimate the numbers - don't just say "adults" or "kids." Why would the ad appeal to the age group you identified?

2.) Is this ad designed to appeal to men, women, or both? How did you decide which sex the ad was going for?

3) Is this ad aimed at single or married people, or both? Why do you think that?

4). What income level is this ad aimed at? Explain why you believe that.

5). Is this ad trying to attract a certain cultural community? If so, what? Explain your answer.

Extra credit: After using these questions to determine the primary audience, narrow it down further to a specific "type" within that group and explain how you did so.

E-mail me the answers to these questions, with both your names on the e-mail, after you have finished.



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