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These conferences will be in the MOO unless you request a face-to-face meeting. In that case, they will take place in Heavilon 308F. Your conference is considered a class day and you will get an absence if you do not appear at your appointed time. DO NOT change your time at the last minute. In the conference, we will discuss how class is going, any issues you might have, and the single source paper you are writing that will be due casstime on Friday the 14th.



11:30 Schuyler [F2F]

11:45 Leamon

12:00 Heck [F2F]

12:15 Liles

12:30 Gittleman

2:00 Haag

2:15 Kroll [F2F]

2:45 Nelson [F2F]

3:00 Aguilar

3:45 Palmer [F2F]

4:00 Horner

4:15 Chappo

4:30 Baird



1:00 Coleman [F2F]

1:30 Buddenbaum [F2F]

1:45 Etnire [F2F]

2:30 Chalos [F2F]

3:00 Wilson

3:30 Newlin [F2F]

3:45 Sarver [F2F]

4:30 Boring



2:30 Fischer [F2F]

2:45 Donnelly [F2F]

3:00 Metts [F2F]

3:15 Williams [F2F]

3:30 Boone

3:45 Miller [F2F]

4:00 McDonough [F2F]

4:15 Baird

4:30 Boeglin

4:45 Patel



11:00 Moody [F2F]

11:30 Lee [F2F]

11:45 Albright

12:15 Burroughs

12:30 Patel

4:00 Albright


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