Comparison Construction Challenge








On Monday, we discussed comparison/contrast essays and how to develop them. Today, we're going to reverse that and put you into "critical thinking" mode in order to construct comparison between items that may at first seem unrelated. This will help you "look outside the box," so to speak, and identify characteristics and traits that are not immediately obvious. Also, it will help you do web research by identifying sites that will be most helpful in order to make your connections.

Instructions: I will assign groups of four into various rooms in the MOO (to be announced in class. As a group, you must pick two of the following actors as well as one more of your choosing and connect all three in at least five substantive ways (i.e. no "they are all people" or even the obvious "they are all celebrities/actors.") You have until the top of the hour to write down as many connections between all three that you can think of. When time is up, one member of your group must e-mail me your list and identify it by room color in the subject line with the word connections (like Purple Room: Connections). Then, each group will tell the class who they picked and what they came up with connection-wise. The group that has the most substantive connections gets a prize!

To get you started on any web research you want to do, each name is linked to the actor's official (or a really good unofficial) site. Good luck!

Halle Berry

Russell Crowe

Joseph Fiennes

Harrison Ford

Tom Hanks

Jennifer Lopez

Meg Ryan

Catherine Zeta-Jones



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