Writing a Paragraph That Includes a Quotation



Helpful Hints

Assignment Requirements

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In successfully completing this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Write a brief persuasive paragraph
  • Conduct and transcribe an interview
  • Choose relevant and effective material to use as support for your paragraph
  • Direct quote with proper documentation



On page 91of Writing from Sources, there are three different questions which can be answered in a single paragraph:

1. "Should Children Be Spanked?"
2. "Do Teenagers Benefit from Single-Sex High Schools?"
3. "What is the Best Way to Deal with Sibling Rivalry?"

Choose one of these questions and answer it in a single paragraph that is no less than 5 setences and no more than 10 sentences, integrating at least one direct quotation from your source. This paragraph will be persuasive, and must contain a statement of argument.

Your source will consist of one person you interview about your chosen question. You must limit the length of your quotations to no more than one sentence each, and there is a maximum of two quotations total in the paragraph.


Helpful Hints

  • Before deciding on a topic, think of what your reasoning is
  • Interview someone who has personal experience with the issue
  • Give that person written pointed questions, and have him/her write down answers. This can be your "transcription."
  • MLA Interview citation consists of three things: Name of the person interviewed. Personal Interview. Date of Interview.
    Ex: Bush, George. Personal Interview. 22 Jan. 2003.
  • Decide on your statement of argument first (in this case, it will turn into a topic sentence for your paragraph). The topic sentence does not have to go first, however. It just has to be there in a logical oganization.
  • Make sure each reason has at least once sentence of support
  • From your source, pick out a phrase or two you want to quote DIRECTLY
  • Place the quotation with the reason it supports and connect the two with logic
  • Make sure you introduce your quotation with the full name of the person you have interviewed, as well as some information that demonstrates his/her authority on the issue
  • Make sure you do not use the quotation to state your argument, but to support it.


Assignment Requirements
How well you meet these requirements determines your grade. A good persuasive paragraph containing a quotation will:

  • Have a clearly stated opinion
  • Have no more than two reasons for that opinion
  • Briefly explain why your reasons support your opinion
  • Include a relevant direct quotation from the interview you conducted
  • Integrate the quotation smoothly in the text by transitioning into it
  • Give information as to the authority of the source
  • Logically connect the quotation to the reason it supports
  • Have a clear, logical organization
  • Be focused
  • Include a "Works Cited" that lists the interview as the source
  • Attach a transcript of the interview


Maximum Score: 20 pts.

Due Date: Wednesday, January 29th



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