Revision Activity



Essay Excerpt






Download the Essay Excerpt and open it up in Word. Then, within the document, revise it by indicating and correcting the following local errors:

1) Italicize the sentence fragments and run-on sentences, then make them into “real” sentences (not all are indicated by green underlines).

2) Make the paper fit MLA guidelines with regard to citation and formatting.

3) Correct and underline all those spelling mistakes and careless grammar errors, i.e. subject/verb agreement and plurals (not all are indicated by the red underline). There are so many that you must find at least 15 to get credit. Any you find above that number, however, will be extra credit.

4) Break this into paragraphs.

5) EXTRA CREDIT: For each content problem you fix, you get an extra point! This can really add up, but these corrections need to be legitimate improvements. Treat it as the opening of a paper.


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