DWL Individual Blog 4

This week, we split up the final parts of the documentation project. I took the introduction, the user profiles, and the data collection and analysis methods of the usability report. I finished writing those portions Friday night. Furthermore, I collected the other parts from my team members and compiled them into a rough draft of our report. It is now making the rounds among team members for editing.

DWL Group Blog 5

5/1/09 - ENGL 421 Room in Beering

Attendees: Rawson, Riddle, Rupp, Schmidt

Goal: Finalize the documentation and work on final report


  - Analyze the questionnaires and observations

  - Edit the documentation

  - Divide up the work for the final report


  - Final editing of documentation is being covered by Daniel and Doug

Origin 6.1- Individual Blog Week of 4/27

this week:

-testing was performed tuesday night in SC, we had to switch rooms last minute b/c we hadn't realized the room we had reserved was macs only which can not run Origin 6.0

-sections were assigned among the group for portions of the user analysis paper- will be writing the section giving an over view of the program and previous documentation

Documentation Individual

This week I conducted 2 usability tests and helped write the final report.  I also helped create our Captivate presentation.  We are going to meet Sunday to complete the project.

MS Publisher Newsletter Documentation - Week 4

For this week, my main research was my part in the usability testing that occurred Monday evening.  I was responsible for watching the test of Katie R. and Jay W.   I made notes and conducted exit interviews at the end, which was added to the collective findings of the group later on.

Documentation StarCraft Individual 4

This week we did the usability testing.  I had two participants follow the documentation.  Both have had prior experience with the game so they had no problem following our documentation.  Today I helped write the usability report, we will finish later next week as we could only meet for a little while.

StarCraft Group: Meeting 8

All members (Brett, Hu, John, and Liz) of our group met today (Friday the 1st of May) during normal classtime.  We worked on our usability report and editing our rough draft for final turn in.  Further editing will be done this weekend and if necessary another meeting will be established.

StarCraft Individual: Blog 5

This week I have edited our rough draft before administering usability tests.  I also administered 7 usability tests in the CRC with users of varying experience with the product.  All users completed a typed pre and post experience survey.

Starcraft Documentation Individual Blog 4

This week I fine tuned our documentation and started working on finding a program to capture movies from StarCraft.  We're planning on capturing just a simple video of the steps being followed.  In the next few days I'm panning to capture the video.  I also helped write the appendix on the usability testing during our group meeting. 

Individual Blog(start craft) #4

Performed usability testing throughout this week.  All of the testers died within 15 minutes.  The group is going to get together during regular class time on Friday to discuss usability report and revising the documentation