Chronology of Odysseus' Trip Home

Map of Odysseus' Adventures
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Approximate Chronology of Odysseus' Trip Home
This does not include travel time except when noted.

First stop: Land of the Cicones. Sack city, steal food, lose six men because they waited too long to leave. Stay there one day and one night, leaving the next morning.

Second stop: Land of the Lotos Eaters. Three men eat lotos and forget home; they are dragged back. Takes about a day.

Third stop: Land of the Kyklopes. Odysseus and a landing party deal with a one-eyed monster. Takes about three days.

Fourth stop: The Island of Aiolos, king of the winds. They spend one month there.

Journey back towards Ithaka: Nine days and nine nights. Blown back in one day.

Fifth stop: Back to the Island of Aeolia. Kicked off the island after a few hours.

The crew row for six days with no wind.

Sixth stop: Laistrygonia, land of giant man-eaters. They eat a few men and throw rocks at the rest of the fleet, destroying all but the ship of Odysseus. Takes about one day.

Seventh stop: The Isle of Kirke. They stay for one year.

Eighth stop: Hades. Their visit takes about one day.

Ninth stop: Back to Kirke’s Island. They stay there only a day or two before heading off again.

Encounter Seirenes, Skylla, and Kharybdis. Takes about a day.

Tenth stop: Isle of Helios. Stay for one month before attempting to leave and getting shipwrecked.

Odysseus drifts for nine days, hanging onto the keel of his destroyed ship.

Eleventh stop: Isle of Kalypso. Held prisoner for eight years.

After release, Odysseus sails for seventeen days. Raft sunk by Poseidon; drfts for two days.

Twelfth stop: Phaiakia. Stays there about three days.

Final stop: Ithaka.