Creating a Blog on the Purdue Server








These are the instructions to create a Blog (a web log) on the Purdue Server. This should be done only after you have created a web account.

1) Go to

2) Create an user ID/password

3) Select "yes" or "no" from the drop down menu to determine whether your blog will be listen in the directory. It doesn't matter which.

4) Click "next." A new screen will appear.

5) Select "FTP it to your own server." This means that your blog will be housed in the blogs subfolder of your www folder in your Home Directory at Purdue (the account you created there).

6) Click "next." A new screen will appear.

7) Type "" into the FTP server box.

8) Type "www/" into the FTP path box.

9) Leave the Blog Filename as the default blogger.html

10) The Blog URL already has "http://" in it. To that, add "". So, if my login were madams, my URL would be :

11) Click "next." A new screen will appear.

12) Select a template from the thumbnails shown. You can change your blog's appearance later.

13) Click "finish!" A new screen will appear with a message that your blog is being created. A few seconds later, a posting page will come up automatically.

14) Type in a sentence or two into the text box.

15) Click "Post and Publish." A new Explorer window will appear.

16) Enter your Purdue login and password. MAKE SURE IT IS THE PURDUE ONE. Do NOT use the Blogger one if it's different.

17) Click "log in." After a few seconds, the posting page will appear again.

18) Select "view web page" (directly underneath the text box). A new Explorer window will appear. This is your blogs as others will see it.



Adapted from M.W. Zoetewey

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