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1. 1. To change your password to one that you'll remember, click on the “Options” Button. An edit menu will come up. Choose “change password” and follow instructions.

2. To “refresh” a room (this shows any changes that have been made to it since you came in, including who’s recently come into the room) click on the "Look" button.

3. To say something, type one quotation mark [“] before your statement. For example, if I want to say hello, I type “Hello. Everyone else's screens would read NancyKerns says “Hello.”

4. To make a gesture or movement, also called emoting, you type a colon[:] and then the type of gesture you want to make. For example, if I wanted to smile at the others in the room, I'd type :smiles. Everyone else's screens would read NancyKerns smiles.

5. To write your own sticky note, click on the “Objects” button and then select “Basic Objects.” Choose “Generic Note.” Name your new object whatever you like [Example: “My Note”] and then choose “Edit Note Text” from the drop down menu to write the contents of the note. Make sure to always scroll down and "Save Changes."

6. To leave a sticky note, enter the room in which you want to leave the note and then type drop [the name of your sticky note.] For example, if I wanted to leave my sticky note entitled “My Note” in my office, I’d go into the Instructor’s Office and type drop My Note. Click on “Look,” and your note will appear. If you want to read a sticky note, click on it.

7. To delete a sticky note, click on the “Objects” button, then select “My Objects.” Choose the sticky note. Then, click on “Recycle This Object.” IMPORTANT: Recycling is the same as deleting. Do not press this unless you are sure you want to delete something permanently.

8. To start recording a session, type "start", then the name of the recorder. For instance, if you were in a Yellow Room and the recorder was named "Yellow Room Recorder", you would type start Yellow Room Recorder. (You do not italicize it, however). To stop recording a session, you simply type "stop" instead of "start," and once again type the name of the recorder. For example, to stop the Yellow Room Recorder, you would type stop Yellow Room Recorder.
Note: Make sure that if the name of the recorder is capitalized, you capitalize it, too, and vice versa.



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