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MOO Tips






1. Log into ProNoun.

2. Take the Elevator (North or South, whichever one is off of your room) to the Lobby.

3. Go to the Conference Hall.

4. Go to Conference Room 2.

5. Get up and the stage and then get down again (See MOO Tip 4)

6. Return to the Lobby and take the South Elevator to "Miss Kerns' Forum."

7. Once there, change your password to one that you'll remember if you haven't already (See MOO Tip 1).

8. Go into your Small Meeting Room, assigned by the first letter of your last name:

Red Room: A-D

Green Room: E-H

Blue Room: I-L

Purple Room: M-P

White Room: Q-T

Black Room: U-Z

9. Read the sticky note.

10 . Write your own sticky note while in your Small Meeting Room. (See MOO Tip 5) Name the note your last name. In the body of the sticky note, briefly write what you found most and least challenging about the MOO. If you have any issues, you may bring those up as well...again, briefly!

11. Drop the note in your Small Meeting Room (See Moo Tip 6)

12. Stay in there and await further instructions.




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