Project 3: Recommendation Report

Objective: To be able to work as a team to research, analyze, and produce professional-level documents.

This recommendation report will evolve from your white paper. In your white paper, your group identified three solutions to your company’s problem. For the recommendation report, you will pick a single solution and recommend the company take that course of action. If you want to suggest a multi-pronged approach combining more than one of your solutions, that is acceptable; however, you will have to justify your reasoning to your company. Your job is to recommend a solution to the problem, or a course of action your client may take to ameliorate the problem.

The project will have two phases.


Phase One

In this phase of our project, we are concerned with developing strategies for project planning, which will culminate in the written recommendation report that will be the purpose of Phase Two. This will be more formal than our project planning for Project 2; this plan of action will be graded and will include a more structured duties chart.  However, it will follow similar principles of delegation.

Plan of Action: The plan of action must be in proper memo format as laid out in class (the same as our prior memos) and include the following in brief:

See also Example POA Memo (this does not include Gantt Chart)

The POA Memo will be worth 10% of your project grade.

Due Date for POA: Nov. 10


Phase Two

At this point, you should know your purpose, deadlines, and who is going to do which tasks. Now you are responsible for making that happen.

A successful recommendation report will:

  • Contain the required content components and information that we discuss in class such as executive summary, alternatives, etc.
  • Meet length requirements (3000-4000 words)
  • Use sources effectively, properly cited
  • Use tables and visuals effectively, properly cited (minimum two visuals)
  • Contain a very clear recommendation explaining exactly what the company needs to do to alleviate their problem
  • Explain why your solution works in detail
  • Explain why your solution is superior to other ideas
  • Suggest ways to deal with any problems or drawbacks that may arise from your solution, and/or why the recommendation works in spite of them
  • Give estimates as to cost, timetables, personnel required, software required, and other practical issues (see PowerPoint)
  • Specify exactly what the company needs to do to implement your solution
  • Have a logical organization
  • Have professional tone and no grammar errors/typos
  • Have professional design and presentation (once again, you are required to bind the final report)


Individual Deliverables:

  • Weekly (minimum) Individual Blogs that detail what you are doing on your own time (5% of project grade)
  • Final Group Member Evaluation (2% of project grade)


Group Deliverables:

  • Weekly (minimum) Group Blogs posted by group leader (5% of project grade)
  • A rough draft of the 3000-4000 word recommendation report (10% of project grade)
  • A final copy of the 3000-4000 word recommendation report (48% of project grade)
  • A 15-20 minute presentation that will include multimedia components (20% of project grade).  Please include a handout.


Due dates:

Nov. 10: Plan of Action Memo Due

Dec. 3: Rough Draft of Recommendation Report Due

Dec. 10: Final Copy of Recommendation Report Due

Dec. 10: Presentation Due