Learning to Navigate the Site

For the first day of class, you'll want to explore some of the features of the site. This document gives an overview of a few features you might want to take a look at that will help you to navigate the site.


In the header visible at the top of every page, you'll find one row of links:

Primary links menu

  • The first five take you to important sections of the course guide.
  • The others take you to useful resource sites at Purdue.

Once you've logged in to the site, directly beneath the header on the left, you'll find the main navigation block, accessible from every page:

The navigation block is your gateway to many areas of the site useful for creating and viewing content and managing your work. For example,

  • My workspace
    Lists all the blog posts, files, and other content that you have posted to the site.
  • My inbox
    All Private Messages sent to you by your instructor or other students from within the course site are listed here.
  • Create content
    From here you can post to your individual weblog or the front page (see How to Post to Your Individual Weblog).
  • Blogs
    Lists all the blogs on the site and includes a direct link to your blog in its submenu.
  • Members
    Need to find out a classmate's email address? Use the members list. You can also click on any username to access the personal account page. Only registered users have access to the private portion of account pages.
  • Recent posts
    This display allows you to access all of the recent content posted by everyone. Note how it provides red asterisks to denote pages you have yet to read and notices of new unread comments.
  • My account
    Links to your profile information, site settings, and more. Adjust your account profile here.
  • log out
    Use this to log out of the website, which is recommended after each session.

Book Navigation

All course materials on the site are integrated into the course guide:

The course guide is a hypertext with many levels of pages.

  • You can use the book navigation links that show previous and next pages below the main text or use the breadcrumb navigation at the top.
  • Use the printer-friendly version link beneath any page to get a text-only version of that page and all of its subpages collated into one. For example, if you go to the top page of the guide and click on printer-friendly version, you will see the entire course guide, including the calendar, on one screen (a very long one).