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Individual Blog(StarCraft Documentation) #4

Worked on usability project and finished the peer review.

Individual Blog(start craft) #4

Performed usability testing throughout this week.  All of the testers died within 15 minutes.  The group is going to get together during regular class time on Friday to discuss usability report and revising the documentation

Individual blog #3 (Documentation Project (StarCraft))

Finished preparing before and after questionaire for the participants.  We are going to do the usability testing throughout this week.

Individual blog #2 (Documentation Project)

The group met on Tuesday of last week to work on the powerpoint.  Set everything ready to do usability testing.  (installing the game, getting people/informing them)

Individual blog #1 (Documentation Project)

Helped coming up with ideas which topic to do the project on and memo.  Put together the gantt chart for the proposal.

Internet censorship individual blog

Finished my section on power point concerning Historical Back.  The group met on Saturday to put together the power point.

individual blog internet censorship

Added more human rights violation cases and more information regarding olympics in the historical background section.

Internet censorship individual blog (#3)

Finished the historical background section and the section concerning cases of detainees.  Correctly referenced and formatted the section over the break.

Individual Blog (Internet Censorship(china))

Conducted research concerning the cases of people detained by the Chinese government in response to their peacefully expressing their views on subjects that are sensitive to the Chinese government.  Cases of Jian Weiping, Yang Maodong, and Huang Jinqiu.  Finished writing the research summary that all the group members are supposed to finish by Monday. 

Individual Blog - Internet censorhip group

On Wednesday of this week, our group has decided who is responsible for what portion of the research and I have been charged with finding specific cases of human rights violations relating to internet censorship in China.  Currently reading/looking into the case of Jiang Weiping who has been imprisoned in 2000 for reporting on a high-profile corruption case.