DVD BACKUP Individual blog

It was rough the day the project was due... did about 3-4 hours of editing, compiling, and formatting the documentation, as well as writing the usability report.

I hope I did a good job on them! Overall, it would have turned out better if more than just one person had been contributing to the final product, but oh well.

DWL Individual Blog 5

This week, I helped to finalize the report. I had all the pre-test and post-test questionnaires, so I helped to distribute them to the appropriate parties. I also helped in making final editing decisions like adding a cover page.

DWL Group Blog 6

5/4/09 - Communicated through email

Attendees: Rawson, Riddle, Rupp, Schmidt

Goal: Finalize the documentation and final report


  - Get the pre-test questionnaires scanned in and emailed out, as well as post-test questionnaires

  - Add final edits such as a cover page and appendix headers

  - Get all parts composed into one final document

  - Decide on a member to turn it in


  -Final report finished and submitted

Project 3 INd

Finished my part over weekend, all that was left was combining all parts

Individual Blog(StarCraft Documentation) #4

Worked on usability project and finished the peer review.

Individual Blog: Linux documentation group - 5/6/09

This week we were simply composing and appending a document with the results of the usability study and finalizing the paper itself. Because the majority of this work was previously completed, this week Will made the necessary changes and compiled the report. I personally wrote my peer eval and checked on my blog entries to ensure project completeness. This will be the final blog post for this blog. Thanks!

Kings Documentation: Individual Blog 4

I met with my group on Saturday to complete the final part of the project: the usability report. I helped write the usability report including the evaluation of our product based on what the participants had to say. I commented and edited other group member's work as well for the report. I also completed my peer evaluation once all the work was done.

StarCraft Individual: Blog 6

This week I finished up editing and organizing our final draft of the documentation and the usability report and sent it in to the professor for grading.

Final Individual Blog

The final draft has been created.  I wrote the "methods used" section of the usability report and I think I made it concise and informational.  The overall report looks very professional and I think once again it was a group success!

Origin 6.0 Final Group Blog

  • When you met and where:  we met in class the last week of classes
  • Who was there: all members were pre