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Kings Documentation: Individual Blog 4

I met with my group on Saturday to complete the final part of the project: the usability report. I helped write the usability report including the evaluation of our product based on what the participants had to say. I commented and edited other group member's work as well for the report. I also completed my peer evaluation once all the work was done.

Kings Documentation Individual Blog 3

This week I am going to help edit the documentation based on my classmates' comments and the comments from our participants whom performed the usability test. I took notes of some of the actions and comments by the particpants while they performed the test. This week I also plan on helping out with the usability report. Hopefully We can have everything complete before the start of finals.

Kings Documentation Individual Blog

Kings Documentation Individual Blog 1

Last week our group met to discuss and type the proposal. We also decided on our schedule for the following weeks ahead. I provided some input on the steps for the game of Kings and I tested some of the steps during our meeting as well. For this week I will contribute to the storyboard and the overall presentation for Wednesday.

Online Gaming Group - Individual Blog 4

Online Gaming Group - Individual Blog 3

Last Week I concluded my research on the health benefits of using the Nintendo Wii. I began to write my part of the white paper during Spring Break. I would like to be done with my part by Monday's classtime next week. Our group plans to meet before the deadline after spring break to compile the paper.

Online Gaming Group - Individual Blog 2

This week I did individual research on my topic. Since Nintendo Wii is a recent gaming system in the market, I was able to find current information on the health benefits of the system from actual numerical values of calories burn to the physical and mental explanations given by experts. For this upcoming week I will conclude my research to write a rough draft of my section for the report which I will complete before the start of spring break.

Online Gaming Group - Individual Blog 1

This week our group switched our focus to making a game for Nintendo Wii that would compete with role-playing games. I provided some input for the memo involving the health risks with continuous online gaming. For our scope of work, I volunteered to research the health benefits of Nintendo Wii versus sitting in front of a computer screen playing games all day. Despite class being cancelled Monday, our group decided to meet at 3:30 to research.

Topic Proposal: Facebook's Privacy Issues of Unwanted Viewers

While Facebook has become increasingly popular as a online social network, it also welcomes the chance of privacy being invaded. Your personal information can easily be accessible  to anybody even if one does not know. Despite the privacy settings, personal information about one's self or everyday life can be revealed in other ways. This flaw can introduce gossip or a Facebook "stalker" trying to know everything about you. Even faculty members of schools or employers can view your personal information if the user is not careful.

Work Experience Description

I was collaborating new ideas with senior engineers on new and existing projects to make certain the customer’s demands were met. I obtained a high responsibility of staying on project schedule to complete technical reports or projects by the given deadline. I assisted or provided support to senior engineers on their projects.