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Individual Blog: Linux documentation group - 5/6/09

This week we were simply composing and appending a document with the results of the usability study and finalizing the paper itself. Because the majority of this work was previously completed, this week Will made the necessary changes and compiled the report. I personally wrote my peer eval and checked on my blog entries to ensure project completeness. This will be the final blog post for this blog. Thanks!

Linux documentation grouppersonal entry 5/1/09

For this final week after writing the usability testing survey and performing the test, I made the tester commentsnon the tests performed, and produced the relevant insight about the document to the team. I looked into the issue raised about the arrows and we polished the draft. The final appendix will be done soon.

Individual Blog: Linux documentation group - 4/24/09

This week we spent the majority of our working time polishing our rough draft. We also were able to put together all of the images and edit them to formally fit our document. I personally have been working on the usability study parameters, figuring how the study will be conducted and what will be ased at the conclusion. I have also written the questionnaire we will be using at the conclusion of the study.

Individual Blog: Linux documentation group - 4/17/09

This week our task was to create a story board of our project. I worte an initial flow of the document and then took it into powerpoint. I used this data to create a quick storyboard with almost no information on it. Then, at the group meeting, we added specifics and hammered out the details of the documentation to ensure we compiled a complete document for our goals.

Individual Blog: Linux documentation group - 4/10/09

This week, our task was to creat a memo introducing our proposed documentation for the company. We decided to do linux software guide documentation. For the memo, I did the formatting and editing and made some text addition. I started research on advantages of Linux

Individual Blog: Internet Censorship

This past week, my team and I have compiled our final paper and prepared our presentation. For the presentation my task was to explain the advantages of abandoning net neutrality. I have a lot I want to say, and not a lot of time to learn my presentation. As a result, I will write out exactly what I want to say and will do my best to memorize the material. If I read off the cards a little, that's a fair tradeoff for getting my entire point across.


Individual Blog Entry: Internet Consorship Group

This week I spent a lot of time researchin Dr. Lessig, and Mr. McSlarrow, two people appointed to present opposing viewpoints on Net Neutrality to a government tribunal. The two men are both strong supporters of their position and rightfully so are respected in their fields. Among other individuals, the bulk of information on Net Neutrality is theorized in the minds of a select few. The topic has yet to permeate main stream media and remains a specialty topicamong closely related parties.

Individual Blog: Internet Censorship

Over spring break and the days leading up to it, I made it my task to study deeper and broader into the paradigm of the social impacts of internet censorship and net neutrality. I found a lot of websites discussing the social issues of the implementation and illegalization of net neutrality, but there was little abou8t the social impact of the concepts of the issue. It is difficult to find information as it is not only a relatively new idea, but a taboo subject in the countries it is practiced in.


Individual Blog: Internet Censorship

This week I have dedicated the majority of my time to researching issues of net neutrality. The main component of my research has been the social impact and the social issues associated with NN. I have taken this to mean the affects on human action and personal freedoms as they pertain to an individuals doings. I want to focus this research on the social impact as it is seen by the governement to ensure that my research is most pointed for the white paper. I hope to have a skeleton draft of my section of the paper done by wednesday.


Inidividual Blog: Internet Censorship

This week I spent most of the week in the critical care unit of The Kellog Center in Northwestern's hospital in beautiful Evanston Illinois. As such, the amount of work I was able to dedicate to the internet censorship white paper project was very small. The little bit of work I was able to accomplish was basicly just a simple overview of the concepts and impact of Net Neutrality as seen by those that feel they are greatly affected by it. The research I did revovlved around internet censorship and specifically Net Neutrality from a government standpoint.