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DVD BACKUP Individual blog

It was rough the day the project was due... did about 3-4 hours of editing, compiling, and formatting the documentation, as well as writing the usability report.

I hope I did a good job on them! Overall, it would have turned out better if more than just one person had been contributing to the final product, but oh well.


For Travis Lee...


I have taken on the task of compiling everyone's work, editing, and writing the usability report.

I hope the peer evaluations and final grades reflect the extra work I am doing.

DVD Backup Group Log

We have met this weekend and compiled our new material and hopefully have met all of the project guidelines with the exception of the usability report, which is not finished.


The group leader will make sure to remind everyone about the peer evaluations.

DVD Backup Group Blog:

We are progressing on pace for this project.

Our usability testing is complete, and we discovered that our steps along with the pictures were easy to follow, and in some cases the subjects claimed that the steps were over-simplified. However, they wouldn't have known how to operate the program functions as quickly without our documentation.


*cat noises*

Individual BLOG DVD Backup

Our group is working on pace thus far. We are adhering to our Gantt charts which helps distribute the work evenly among us.

We had a little trouble compiling our individual work during the storyboard presentations, but got through it in one piece.

My individual work has comprised of learning how to use our product so that I will be able to understand the results of our usability testing.


Individual Blog Entry: video group

Our group meeting yesterday was successful, and we got all of our work done. After the meeting, I went over all of our work and edited for simple mistakes, and added transitions inbetween our individual work to help the flow of the paper.

I emailed our work to the professor and we are ready for our presentation on Wednesday!

Group Blog Entry: Video Group

This is a blog for the meeting we had yesterday, March 29th.

We got together at the library and did a final editing, compilation, and formatting of our work.

We also put together our presentation agreeing on a template for the powerpoint and adding out individual parts to the presentation.

The handout for the presentation was drafted, and our final white paper was printed and bound.

Travis Lee, Kul Inn, Joshua Miller

Group Blog Entry: Video Group

Earlier tonight we compiled our writing and worked out a rough format for the final paper. We also compiled our sources and checked eachother's writing and citations.

Our draft is ready to go for Wednesday, but still needs some final touches before Monday.

We planned another group meeting for this weekend to finalize the White Paper Project.

Everyone has been on track with their work.

Individual Blog: Video Group

My research is complete, I obtained  several sources and have most of the writing for my section complete. I have not formatted the sources, however, and our group is having a meeting tomorrow to write the executive summary and conclusion. We will tackle most of the formatting issues this upcoming weekend after getting feedback from the peer review.


Individual Blog Entry: Video Group

We have met and discussed our goals for this project and I am happy with our progess. Each group member understands his responsibilities.