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Project 3 INd

Finished my part over weekend, all that was left was combining all parts

Project Log 3

This week i wrote my part of the powerpoint and the instalation of the product

Project 3 Individual

This week wrote part of the first part of the project

Individual Take 4 White Paper Project

I finished my part which was the solution. Now working on the executive summary and closing as a group.

Individual Project Blog take 3

I did a more detailed research and wrote a rough draft of my section.

Project 1 Individual take 2

Did some research and sent it to group members so we can make sure we are thinking along the same lines for our white paper.

Project 1 Individual take 1

I was incharge of finding solutions to video piracy. Finished in class time.

Video downloading legalization

Video downloading should be legalized to download  for a small fee. I know for a fact that the technology is out there. Music for example can be downloaded and as long as you are a member of the service the music will work. I believe that video download should be downloadable to view with a membership fee. To ensure that the videos are not being ripped, the copyright restrictions should be set to high so the software will not rip the movies. Tier 1 would be the introductory tier and allowed to watch the video one time for a low flat rate.

Activity Experience

This year i am the treasurer for Earheart Itasca club. My position is to keep track of all activities when it comes to dealing with the budget. Also i am in charge of ensuring the books are accurate to ensure that we do not go over budget.

Objective Statement

To utilize my skills as a cyber analist.

A position as a cyber analist for Department of Home Land Security allowing me to develop my skills.

An opportunity to advance in cyber security.

Cyber security with emphasis in object oriented languages.