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StarCraft Individual: Blog 6

This week I finished up editing and organizing our final draft of the documentation and the usability report and sent it in to the professor for grading.

StarCraft Group: Meeting 8

All members (Brett, Hu, John, and Liz) of our group met today (Friday the 1st of May) during normal classtime.  We worked on our usability report and editing our rough draft for final turn in.  Further editing will be done this weekend and if necessary another meeting will be established.

StarCraft Individual: Blog 5

This week I have edited our rough draft before administering usability tests.  I also administered 7 usability tests in the CRC with users of varying experience with the product.  All users completed a typed pre and post experience survey.

StarCraft Group: Meeting 7

We met during classtime on Monday April 27th.  All members (Brett, Hu, John, and Liz) were all present for this meeting.  During this meeting we slightly revised our rough draft of our documentation by adding a header and page number and moving some of the content for better spacing and visualization.  Also during this meeting we created our surveys for the usability testing which will begin this week (April 27th).

StarCraft Individual: Blog 4

This week I have edited our rough draft and turned it in to the professor before class on Wednesday.  I have also been recruiting people for the usability testing study.

Documentation StarCraft Group: Meeting 6

We met Monday April 20th during classtime.  All members of the group (Brett, John, Hu, and Liz) were present.  This meeting was spent discussing options for the rough draft and discussing the usability testing.  The next group meeting is planned for Monday April 27th after class in Beering to finish creating surveys for usability testing.

Documentation StarCraft Individual: Blog 3

This week so far I have done some editing of our storyboard ideas as well as helped put the entire storyboard together.  Also I have begun the opening and closing surveys for the usability testing and ran a trial run of our documentation to see how well it worked. 

Documentation StarCraft Group: Meeting 5

Our group met on Tuesday April 14th in the Beering building computer lab.  The members of the group present were Liz, Brett, and John and Hu was late for unknown reasons.  During this meeting we completed our storyboard and had Liz run through the instructions to test them out.  Some problems were discovered and mroe detail will be added to the rough draft of our documentation in order to cover these issues at a later date.  The goal for the next meeting will be to produce the rough draft as well as begin the usability scheduling.

Documentation StarCraft Group: Meeting 4

Our group members (Brett, John, Hu, and Liz) all met on Friday afternoon in the lab where class is held, during normal class time.  During this time we worked on the first half of our storyboard as well as taking screenshots.  Our goal for the next meeting is to finish our storyboard and perhaps begin working on our rough draft of the documentation project.  This meeting is scheduled for 5pm on Tuesday in the lab where class is held.

Documentation StarCraft Group: Meeting 3

We met during class on Wednesday April 8th and all group members (Hu, John, Brett, and Liz) were present.  During this meeting we finished up some individual blogs, discussed our storyboard, and determined we would meet during class time on Friday in order to begin work on our storyboard.