Grading Summary


Employment Project: 15%

White Paper: 25%

Documentation Project: 40%

Exercises: 10%

Attendance: 10%


All major assignments will be graded on the standard plus-minus letter-grade scale: A+=100-98, A=97-94, A-=93-90, B+==89-87, B=86-84, B-=83-80, C+=79-77, C=76-74, C-=73-70, D+=69-67, D=66-64, D-=63-60, F=59 or below.

The three major projects in the course will be comprised of several components, each of which will be worth a percentage of your final grade. For the two collaborative projects, students will complete the required Collaborative Evaluation Form.

Students must participate in all of the three major projects and complete a majority of the required weblog posting assignments in order to pass this class. Students with questions about final grades should review university policies regarding grade appeals.