Attendance Policy

Attendance is required at all scheduled electronic and face-to-face (F2F) meetings. Since you will be working in project teams much of the semester, you also will be required to attend any scheduled out-of-class meetings with your team to complete course assignments.

The attendance policy breakdown:

One unexcused absence: Freebie.

Two unexcused absences: Two points off of final grade.

Three unexcused absences: Five points off of final grade.

Four unexcused absences: Ten points off of final grade.

Five or more unexcused absences: FAILURE.


Excused absences may be granted for religious holidays or university-sponsored events, provided you make a written request to me no less than two weeks in advance and that you complete any required work before the due date. Being excessively or regularly late for class or team meetings, both electronic and F2F, can also be counted as an absence. 

Instant messaging or playing around on the computer during class (checking Facebook, entertainment sites, etc.) can result in an unexcused absence for that day.