Week 5 (Feb. 9 - Feb. 13)

Monday, Feb. 9, 2009

  • Analyze three problematic resumes.
    Directions: After getting into pairs, download Resume 1, Resume 2, and Resume 3. Find five problems with each resume and explain why they are problems. Then, send your answers to me in an e-mail entited "Bad Resume Analysis." Be sure to put your names in the e-mail.
  • Trade your own resume with your partner and offer any advice that you can.
  • Workshop resumes.
  • Schedule your resume conferences.


For Next Meeting

  • Your resume is due by 11:00 pm TONIGHT through e-mail. I will be up tonight sending replies that I've received them. If you don't get a reply, I didn't get your resume, and you need to re-send it. 
  • There is NO CLASS Wednesday and Friday. Instead, you each will have a 15 minute resume conference. These conferences will take place in my office, HEAV 404. Please bring a hard copy of your resume to the conference. If you miss your conference or are over five minutes lates, I will count you absent for one class period.
  • UPDATE: Click for resume conference schedule


Tuesday-Friday, Feb. 10-13, 2009

  • No class Wednesday or Friday. Instead, we have resume conferences. Missing your conference counts as an absence, as does arriving over five minutes late (after all, they are only 15 minutes total). Conferences are being held in HEAV 404. Click for resume conference schedule
  • Make sure to bring a hard copy of your resume with you to the conference. (You should have already turned in a digital copy by 11:00 pm Monday, February 9, through e-mail). 

For Next Meeting

  • The final copies of both your resume and your cover letter are due by classtime Monday, Feb. 16, through e-mail.