Week 4 (Sept. 15 - Sept. 19)

Monday, September 15, 2008

  • Peer review of cover letters today - Part 2!
    Directions: Same as before. Get in groups of four. Download the attached Cover Letter Peer Review Questions, then fill them out in a thorough and helpful manner with regard to the cover letter you are handed. I WILL evaluate the review sheets and lower daily grades for those sheets that are not filled out in a thoughful manner.  Once you've finshed, have one person send a copy of the file to me, and print out a copy for the person whose cover letter you've evaluated. Don't put your names on the hard copy, but put them in the body of the e-mail to me which has the cover letter peer review attached.  Your group should be able to complete two peer reviews by the end of classtime.

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Wednesday, September 17. 2008

  • Q&A About Resume reading; expand on content using Resume Powerpoint
  • Do the objective statement practice from the Powerpoint and post it to your blog. Your task is to fill in the brackets with your own specifics in the following statements:
    • To utilize my [qualifications, strengths, or skills] as a [position title]

    • A position as a [position title] for [company name] allowing me to develp my [qualifications, strengths, or skills]

    • An opportunity to [professional goal] in a [type of organization, work environment, or field]

    • [position title] with emphasis in [area of expertise]

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Friday, September 19, 2008


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  • Bring working copy of resume to class Monday - we'll be working with it in class