Week 6 (Sept. 29 - Oct. 3)

Monday, September 29, 2008

For Next Meeting

  • Read segment on Memos in PWO (in "documents")
  • Work on 100-word Topic Proposal to be posted on your blog by classtime Oct. 3 (see project page for directions)
  • NOTE: Class will be in CHAT on Friday, Oct. 3


Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008

  • Discuss Importance of Specific Headers in Memo Writing. Good headers will:
    • Be specific
    • Include overview of what's in the section, not just some of it (and anything that doesn't go with that can be put under another header)
    • Be organized clearly
    • Use statements instead of questions whenever possible
  • Reference Memo Header Hints
  • Practice identifying memo problems
    • Download the example lame memo from this site
    • Get in groups of three. Find 10 problems with the memo and explain why each one is a problem. Problems identified should not be limited to surface errors, but should explore content.  Put into practice not only what we discussed in class but what was found in the readings.

For Next Meeting

  • Work on 100-word Topic Proposal to be posted on your blog by classtime Oct. 3 (see project page for directions). If you are unable to read the directions for the assignment (Mac users may encounter this problem), download the printer-friendly version.


Friday, Oct. 3, 2008

  • Form groups by examining blogs.
    Directions: Read the blogs by your classmates and find the one that you feel is the closest to your topic.  Reply to the blog with the statement "I want to be in this person's group." The catch is that after three people have replied to a blog, you can't also reply to that blog. What we'll do is see who replied to whom, and work out groups from there.  This will take some flexibility as we may need to move people around. Note: You may not get your first choice.
  • Discuss project planning for next week. Your groups will be linked below (one for my 9:30 class, one for my 4:30 class).  I suggest that you choose one person to create a group blog and then work from there.

For Next Meeting

  • Begin work on group proposal memo.  Your group must post one blog detailing what you did during that meeting. Any individual work can be put in individual blogs (for those who are using their blog as the group blog, just distinguish in the title which are which).  The blog about the group meeting must be posted by Wednesday. I will post some "helpful hints" here for you by classtime Monday.
  • Groups for my 9:30 class are posted here
  • Groups for my 4:30 class are posted here