Week 7 (Oct. 6 - Oct. 10)

Monday, October 6, 2008

  • REGULAR CLASS IS OPTIONAL, but you must meet with your group at least one time before classtime Wednesday. That is your "class."
  • Your group must post a blog about your meeting by classtime Wednesday. Choose one member to put in charge of posting the group blogs; that person will put the group blog on their individual blog, but preface the title with the group name (for instance, VIDEO GROUP: Meeting 1).  The blog post should include:
    • When you met and where
    • Who was there
    • What was the goal of the meeting
    • What topics overall you discussed
    • Any decisions you made
    • What tasks you delegated to whom
    • What your plans are for the next meeting
    • Any other details you think would be helpful in explaining tasks, responsibilities, or the topic in general. This blog is for your group members to consult once they are home as well as for me to view.
  • The purpose of your meeting is to work on Project 2's proposal memo for your group's topic where you choose a particular problem within your general topic to consider. Do NOT be too broad; pick a specific issue. Remember:
    • Write about 250 words (do NOT write more than 300)
    • Use the memo form we have discussed in class
    • Include concise background information about the topic under consideration
    • Include potential solutions to be examined, and explain briefly why they are relevant
    • Include a few possible resources
    • Include persuasive reasons why the problem or issue is worthy of consideration
    • Demonstrate the feasibility of the project within the parameters of the assignment
    • Address the memo to someone in charge who can do something about your issue
  • Groups for my 9:30 class are posted here
  • Groups for my 4:30 class are posted here

For Next Meeting

  • Post your blog about your group meeting by classtime Wednesday. 
  • Your group's proposal memo for Project 2 is due by classtime Friday; bring a hard copy to class as well as e-mail a copy to me


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For Next Meeting

  • Your group's proposal memo for Project 2 is due by classtime Friday; bring a hard copy to class as well as e-mail a copy to me

Friday, October 10, 2008

  • Give me a hard copy of your group's proposal memo for Project 2 (you should also have e-mailed me a copy by classtime)
  • Discuss project planning
  • Draft a memo of understanding due by end of period (see example). Concern yourself more with delegation and project planning than with wording; the important thing here is that you show you understand who will do what, by what time for Project 2. This memo will include:
    • Statement of the scope of the work (its purpose)
    • What needs to be done by what date
    • Delegation of tasks
    • Table demonstrating timeline
  • I will go around and meet with each group to discuss the upcoming project.

For Next Meeting

  • No Class on Monday; October Break
  • Work on Project 2