MySpace Group Work - Week 3

During week three, my group continued to research and strategize our proposal for the MySpace Company.  During class time we had the opportunity to talk about where we were in our research and made plans for our upcoming workload.  We have split up the work so that we know exactly what we should be researching and individually writing about.  We also met outside of class once to begin putting our rough draft together. 

Weekly Blog Project 3

This week my group and I meet online to talk about what are plan was for the next coming weeks to get our draft done.  We decided to continue to work on are give sections and to continue research.  We also decided to meet on Monday before break to work on the draft. 

individual blog

this week i have written a rough draft of my sections and sent them to my group members for their opinions.

Recommendation Project Blog

This week for our recommendation project I continued gathering research about implementing a program during school hours for middle school and high school level students to attend and learn about cyber bullying and the dramatic effects it can have on a child's life.  I plan on writing about this section of the paper this weekend and coming to our group's meeting on Monday with my section written. 

AIM Group blog - project 4

Our group met online tonight to make sure we had everything organized and planned. We are each indiviually working on different parts of the paper and research. We are going to meet monday afternoon to combine our parts and create our rough draft. We would like to have our rough draft pretty much completed before thanksgiving break so we dont have to worry about it then.

Individual Blog - project 4

Individualy we are all working on different parts of the paper. I am working on gathering information for costs as well as devloping an introduction. Our group is meeting tonight to make sure we are coordinated and then we will each finalize our parts of the paper before our next meeting.

Monday 17th Recap of Memo and Expectations for Paper

We met with Jim who wasn't present on the day of the memo when it was passed back in class. Aswin and I explained to Jim what Ms. Kerns had told us about what needed to be tweaked for the paper in order to have the information be credible and sufficient for a good grade. We planned on meeting again during the class time we had off in order to work on the paper together.

RPG Recommendation Project Blog 3

We got together in class to finalise our research and see which parts were needed to be worked on. Our next meeting will be on sunday to mesh together our parts and finalise the rough draft.


Planning Meeting November 5th, 2008 -- Research meeting November 13, 2008 7:30 – 9:00pm

Initial meeting for deciding on which of the three solutions we were going to select for our Project 3. We chose option: 2. Downgrading the Character's Abilities using a Time Limit. We planned to meet 12:30 pm on the 7th of November for completing the memo for class.



The Research meeting was held at Hicks library in the evening of Nov. 13th at 7:30. We researched our individual topics and found finanacial records for Blizzard. We decided to meet next week on the Monday after class.

RPG Recommendation Project Blog 2

This week we worked on researching financial information in order to come up with estimates for the recommendation paper.  I attended the meeting found the financial information from Blizzard. I also did this week’s write-ups as well.  I spent approximately 3 hours researching information.