Week 4: Project 3 Group progress

Sol and I met today, Monday after Thanksgiving break, to put the final rough draft in one document that is going to be formatted by tonight.  I am personally responsible for the executive summary and final formatting.  Our final rough draft should be done by tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

Week 4: Project 3 Individual Work

 After Thanks giving break, I and Cam had a meeting and discussed about Intro, Executive Summary, conclusion and other parts from each members. We divided part again to write more about our topic. 

 Before thanks giving, I surveyed Purdue students about "How oftenly do they use Ruckus." Survey turned out really well and I add it on my part - why Copysense is superior than other solution. 

 This week, I will finish why UNL needs copysense, and what's their problem.   

Parent Involvement on Sexual Predators [Facebook]- Group Blog

Today our group, Kavika, Stephanie, and myself, met in the union to add together what we have come up with so far in the project. We ended up putting all of it together into one paper and split up what tasks we had left for the project inorder to finish the rough draft. We then planned to meet tomorrow at 6pm in the Union again.

Facebook Blog over Thanksgiving

During break I did some more research on the solution our group came up with to help parents become more involved with their child's life. I found more information of the Zephyr program and what it actually does. After I found more information I started writing some of our rough draft.

Cyber Bullying Paper Blog

My group and I met today to write the rough draft of our recommendation project.  I wrote the section on the costs of making and advertising commercials so AOL can raise awareness to the public about the issue of cyber bullying.  Everyone in the group wrote their own section then we brought them all together and filled in the gaps between each section.  I plan on meeting with my group next Monday to make corrections to our paper and finalize it.  Next Monday we will also make our power point presentation and practice our presentation.

Recommendation Paper Cyber Bullying Blog

Our group met today to finish writing the first draft of our recommendation paper.  We divided up the remaining parts of the paper for each person to write before compiling it all together.  Ben wrote the conclusion and did more research on the cost of school programs.  Lauren wrote about the cost of making and advertising commercials and the advantages and disadvantages.  Kelly wrote the background and formatted the paper and added all of our paragraphs to the paper.  Dan wrote the executive summary and did more research on the costs of commercials.  We finished the first draft of our paper this afternoon and are ready to turn it in for review on Wednesday.  We plan on meeting next Monday to make the suggested corrections and finalize our paper for our presentations. 

week 7 update

The last class before the thanksgiving break, we got together as a group and wrote the outline for our paper. We have put our informations together to make sure that we are not leaving out any important facts while writing the paper. We discussed that if there are any more information that we need during writing the paper, our group member should email each other for the input.

Work Blog Week 8

Given it was Thansgiving Week, we really weren't able to meet much, but we had initially talked about it, and thus I worked on my part individually. I called the company, and got information about the product.

Individual Research for Recommendation Project----Week 2

For myself I did a little bit of research on to compare it to Facebook.  I also began looking for good visuals for our report.  We met a little in class and discussed a little about some of our individual findings but nothing too drastic.  We went more in depth on Sunday about what we were going to do with the report.

Facebook Group Blog----Week 2

In the second week we all continued working on our individual sections of the recommendation report.  We talked briefly at the end of class about our findings and then we met on Sunday night to discuss more in detail the research we found and what direction we are going to take.   We still have a lot of work ahead.