Monday 24th November Meeting

We discussed responsibilities and kept up to date on which person was in charge of what section for the paper. My end user section was cleared up in that some aspects of the solution that I had already written were clashing with Jim's own section. We discussed which issue we were both explaining and we resolved any other issues. Finalizing the rough draft was for next meeting.

MySpace Individual Work - Week 5

For week 5, I finished up my sections of the rough draft recommendation report.  I also proofread and went over my group's sections before handing in the assignment.  Also, I began working on my power point slides and thinking about what information I will present in my portion of the presentation.

MySpace Group Work - Week 5

This week our rough draft of the Recommendation Report is due in class.  We've all been working individually on our areas of expertise concerning this project and need to start compiling it into one cohesive paper.  We spent time together outside of class to proof read and go over the rough draft before turning it in.  We've also begun talking about our presentation ideas.  We are getting a power point presentation in the works and brainstorming creative ideas to present our material to the class in an interesting way.  After finishing our rough draft, we are eager to get feedback and continue working to perfect our paper before the final due date next Wednesday.

MySpace Individual Work - Week 4

During week 4 of the Recommendation Report, I began fine-tuning my sections of the paper.  I also made one last attempt to contact the MySpace Company and Perverted-Justice to obtain first-hand information.  I've started searching for pictures and interesting links or videos to spice up our presenation in 2 weeks.

MySpace Group Work - Week 4

A month into our Recommendation report, my group is feeling very confident with our rough draft.  We have concluded most of our research and we're currently feeling very confident with our progress.  At this point, we are all individually looking for interesting visual aids and graphics to add to the report and the presentation.  We are beginning to compile our own individual work for the rough draft due Wednesday.

Blog Entry Individual

This week we meet on Monday to work on the draft of the project.  I worked on the formate of the paper and wrote the introduction, wrote about the commericals and also wrote some other little sections of the paper.  I also decided how to lay it out with the different sections that we needed to include.  As a group we also decided to take out the student programs for now because we were having trouble finding a related program to the program we wished to do based on the costs.  We also decided that next week were are going to meet again to finalize the paper.

individual blog

Today in class our group did discuse a little more about how we are going to format and what we are going to do with our paper. After class, I went home and started formatting it. I fixed the Headers and Subheaders, added a logo to the top of every page, added page number, and added a table of content. After I get back from class I plan on finding more information on cost because we are short in information on that.

Blog Entry (week of 12/1)

This week, we worked on the rough draft. On Monday, I finalized what I had been working on last week. I had written a really rough copy of the pros and cons of outsourcing, so I edited that in preparation to integrate it into the bigger paper.

We've been having trouble finding the exact price it would cost to outsource customer service, so I looked into that, and I was able to find a really good estimate. I added this estimate to my paper.

On Monday night, after I had finalized my section, we had a meeting to put all of our pieces together and work on making the paper flow well, even though it had many authors. The whole meeting took about an hour, and after the meeting we had the entire rough draft done except for the conclusion, which we added on Tuesday. We also had an idea of what we wanted to change for the final draft. At this stage, we are ready for peer reviews, and we are ready to start working on the final draft.

Work Blog

I conferenced with Alex over the weekend to discuss research findings for the report.  We need to collect each person's findings in order to put together the rough draft.

Individual Blog on Recommendation Project

Today I polished some of the sections I worked on for the Recommendation project. For the "Technical Staff Needed/Available" I found a lot of additionaly information at this website:

Here I also discovered that MySpace has already partnered with  Sentinel Tech Holding, a background verification vendor. I will relay this information to my teammates and see how it affects our recommendation.