Project 3 - Weekly Blog 2

I have completed my research for the recommendation report.  I also helped to type up a portion of the recommendation report.  I have began working on the powerpoint slide show for the presentation. 

Group Blog #2&3

Since we didn't have class for Thanksgiving week, I was going to combine this week and last. Over thanksgiving week the group researched the different topics, costs, plans of the project and all the details necessary. This week we compile everything to the rough draft and turned it in. We then worked on peer evaluations and evaluated the World of Warcraft groups paper.

Blog 6 R.R.

This week I finished up all the research I needed to do.

Work Blog

Combined research and put together the rough draft on Tuesday.

Started revisions today.

MySpace: Individual Work 5

We turned in the first copy of our draft for the recommendation report this week.  I helped with editing our paper along with some formatting for the draft of our paper.  I created the table of contents once we had all of our parts of the paper put together. 

individual blog

this week i revised my sections of the paper as well as read through it all. also i have begun to work on the presentaion

Individual Blog - Project 3

Our group met on Monday to finish our rough draft of project 3. We had quite a bit done we just needed to add a few more sections. I edited the paper and wrote our conclusion. We are going to meet next Monday to edit our rough draft and prepare for our presentation.

Facebook group collaboration

This last week our group was to collaborate our information and pur our paper together. I needed to find some URLS for my information and I had to find a few articles for our group to use for our white paper.

I also found a few new articles that our group could use for our tutrial paper. That is about it for now. Our group will get together again this Sunday at 3pm.

We wiil go over our presentation and get ready for our presentation day.


Eric Koestner





Project 3, Progress

My group and I have meet through e-mail and phone calling trying to get our paper all together. We met before break, through e-mail and this week since all our schedules have been busy, we have contacted each other through phone calls, and e-mails. Everyone was able to get therir parts done and the rough draft was out together.

Meeting 1st of December Rough Draft Finalized

During the period on which class was cancelled, we finalized our individual parts in a group setting and afterwards edited and pasted together the sections to make the final paper. I went over the end user part of the paper and modified the psychological argumentative aspects of that section. We planned on meeting next week for the final draft review before turning it in.