MySpace Individual Work: Week Four

This week I have been working on finishing up the portion on our paper dealing with the partnership that Perverted Justice has with the law enforcement around the nation and how MySpace could benefit from this during the new partnership of Perverted Justice and MySpace.  In order for the partnership to work properly and to be able to catch and prosecute the predators, law enforcement must be involved with catching these people.

Work Blog Week 7

We separated the tasks and continued to work on it. I helped group members with their parts and performed more research on my part. We all as a team are working on our parts and plan on putting everything in the upcoming week, we still have to decide on the details. I did have to miss a group meeting, but I had let the group members know about this advance.

Individual Update

This week I took a (personally) bold step and actually called up one of the companies that our group is writing about to get up to date info and ask for some clarification. I was fed up with the ambiguity of our solution- we have a solid argument, but pieces were missing from it and I felt like the actual company would know the correct answer. I first emailed them, explained a bit about the Rec Paper, and asked if I could interview someone who is familiar with our topic. Within days I had contact information for the Business Development person at the company and spoke to him a couple days ago. I prepared a list of about 10 questions about their product and I learned a lot from him. I'm glad I made a list of questions because it's inevitable that I would have forgotten something.

I will begin to compose my portion of the paper soon, and I'm relieved that our group will have solid information. After doing a bit more research to get some outside info apart from the company I think we will have a legitimate argument. The only thing I'm waiting to see now is how many words we end up writing... this word minimum seems harder to fill at this point than the white paper, but we shall see.

Facebook online tutorial research

This past week I was able to find some articles on recent complaints about privacy issues from Facebook users, Articles on how E-learning can benefit companies through faster results, lower costs, and able to meet deadlines easier, and How educational information that helps consumers can be a marketing tool for companies interested in gaining new clients and keeping the customers they have. Ways of makeing educational products such as tutorials becaome a product to use to possible make more profits through more users of the service.

I hope to collaborate my information with the others in our group and we should be able to come up with some good ideas to implement this information.

Have a great Thanksgiving Break!!!

Eric Koestner



Week 3: Individual Work

Our group devided each part and my part is Explain why your solution is superior to other ideas. I researched the problems of the other solutions such as "Ruckus" and "Cdix." I also surveyed 50 students of Purdue University about what do they thinkin about "Ruckus". 

Progress on project 3

My group and I have divided up the task and are working on our parts in order to put the together as a whole, we plan to meet Dec. 1 on chat or in person

MySpace Individual Work: Week Three

This week we have been working on getting our paper written and putting it together.  I have been researching the resources that MySpace has for looking for sexual predators, advertising methods that both MySpace and Perverted Justice use, and also partnerships with the law enforcement that the partnership can utilize to catch predators.  The paper is coming along and I have been able to find a lot of useful information for my portion of the paper.

recommendation report blog 3

So this week we finally set in stone what everyone will be researching, and our finalized paln for the project. I will be researching things like the total cost, downsides, and what it takes to implement the brokerage idea in terms of items/software/hardware needed. Research is all :D

Group Blog #1

So we split up John's portions of the project, and now I'll be doing the group blogs for him.

Last week we did the Memo and the Gantt Chart. This week is reasearch based. Everyone will look up their information and send it to me when done so I can compile it.

MySpace Individual Work - Group 3

This week, I continued to research the exact way MySpace and Perverted-Justice would form a successful partnership.  I also begin thinking and writing about how the media would benefit both companies in this relationship.  In addition, I attempted to get into contact with MySpace and Perverted-Justice through the Internet and phone.  Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful at obtaining any further information from the companies.  I'm in the initial stages of writing my portion of the proposal.