Facebook Group Blog----Week 4

When we received our peer review back we saw that we had much to do.  We decided to go to class for the workshop where we had Prof Kerns go over our report where we received great feedback and we felt that we could take the report in the direction we hoped.  We are planning on meeting Tuesday evening around 7:30 to go over the final touches of the report and work on the presentation.  We are planning on giving our presenation on Wednesday. 

Individual Research for Recommendation Project----Week 3

Towards the beginning of this week I had little motivation to do any work due to the fact that it was Thanksgiving on Thursday.  I was back to me normal self though on Sunday were I finished my section of the recommendation report.  We then met to collaborate and put together the report.  It was then ready to be submitted for Wednesday.

Facebook Group Blog----Week 3

At the beginning of the week we still continued individual research began our individual sections of the report.  Due to the short week we were not able to meet until Sunday when everyone got back from break.  We met at the Union to go over our rought draft of our recommendation report.  We put all of our sections together with the visuals and sources and then prepared it for Wednesday to be turned in. 

Work Blog

Today we met as a group.  We discussed further revisions to the report, and also created slides for the powerpoint and put together a bunch of important points for the brochure.

final week individual post

Yesterday I put together our groups powerpoint. I also added some more formatting to our paper and added a title page.

Today, during class time, I made our handout for everyone, which icludes information that will be presented in our presentation.

Later today our group plans on meeting in the Union to make any last changes to our paper.

Indiviual Blog Entry - Facebook

This past weekend my group and I met up and put our rough draft together.  I ellobarated on the bullet points we had as tips for users to protect their kids from sexual predators.  Additioanlly, I graphed our survey results and wrote the conclusion. At the end, I proofread the entire paper and mixed any mistakes that I saw. 

Individual blog entry, E-commerce group 2

This week, I finished researching on my sections of the recommendation report. My sections are the 'drawbacks' and the 'practical issues' section. I also finished writing my sections and added them to the rest of the report. I meet with my group Sunday to edit some parts of our recommendation report following the suggestions our classmates gave on the peer evaluations. I plan to work on wrtiting my bullets for the power point presentation; we are going to meet again before the presentation to put everyone's part together.

E-commerce Group 2- Individual update

I spent the last days of break writing my portion of the paper. Specifically, I wrote about implementation, the introduction, conclusion, executive summary, and depending on our need to go more in depth on the reason that our solution outweighs the other solutions we proposed, I will compose such a portion for the paper.

My job was to also compile the paper, so I placed all of our individual portions together and tried to make them flow. I also played with some formatting and fonts to see if there was a particular style that went with this paper.

This evening I continued to work on formatting, fixed up some more transitions and wording in our document so that it is easier for us to edit it together tomorrow.

E-commerce Group 2: Blog Update

The week of Thanksgiving our group began writing our portions of the Rec Report. According to our Gantt, we were to finish individual research by the Friday before thanksgiving. That was accomplished because that week we spent writing the first drafts of our individual portions and sending them to each other. As we received each others' papers, we compiled them. We also compiled our work cited at this time to make it easier in the end.

We also added graphics into our paper, and we're still trying to decide which ones to keep, which ones to delete, or whether we should add different ones.

The beginning of this week was spent compiling the report and playing around with fonts and designs. We must still think of a good title, a final design, catchy headings, and transitions between our sections so that we sure that our paper flows.

Tomorrow we are meeting to edit our paper according to our peer review and begin making the powerpoint.

week 8 update

After submitting the rough draft, our group decided to meet on sunday to work on our paper. I will also do more research on the tutorial topic before sunday and creat a power point slides for our presentation.