Work Blog

Finished revisions to the recommendation report.  Finished the powerpoint and handout.  Got the report printed and bound at kinkos.

Blog entries gone??

It doesn't seem like any of my other blog entries have posted for some reason. So, for our group meetings (facebook group), there have been approximately 4 or 5 more since the last entry. We met each time for about an hour. A lot was accomplished in decision making each time.  For example, we decided how much more information was needed, how to effectively and correctly organize the paper, and who would research what topic.  We made strides to get this paper completed sooner than the last one, considering it was twice as large and needed time for editing. We then determined who would be in charge of each portion of the powerpoint presentation.  We met last night for about an hour to practice the presentation and make any changes necessary.


As far as my individual contribution, I have consistently worked on this project, first finding many articles, then organizing all of the information along with compliling it into a complete paper.

Ecomm1 Blog for week of December 8

This week we finalized our paper according to the feedback we have received from peer reviews. We also tried to rewrite some sections to make the flow better. Some minor changes were made, but the bulk of the paper remains the same as before. It's just more polished now.

On Tuesday night, we compiled all of our slides together into one slide show for our presentation on Wednesday. We also made sure that all of the material was going to be covered in our presentation on Wednesday.

Individual Blog

On Monday we met at Beering to finalize the paper and do the presentation and powerpoint.  I worked on revising the paper with Lauren.  We made sure the paper was professional and was long enough.  We agreed that we would meet on Tuesday to finalize everything.  I am incharge of printing out handouts and the paper.  Along with my sections of the presentation.

Group Blog

This week we met on Monday at Beering to finish our paper.  Ben and Dan worked on the handout and the powerpoint.  Lauren and Kelly worked on revising and adding to the paper along with working on the format.  We also decided that kelly was going to print out the final draft of the paper and the final handout for the class.  Dan was incharge of checking the citations and Ben was working on finishing the work cited.  We meet again Tuesday night to go over the presentation and finalize anyother things needed to be done for the paper. 

AIM group - individual blog

We met on monday to edit our paper and create our powerpoint and handout. Tonight (tuesday) we are finishing up our powerpoint and hand out and we are also dividing out who is going to talk about what. My main task was to work on the powerpoint and the works cited. We are presenting tomorrow (wednesday) and will be done!

MySpace Individual work: week 5

This week we are turning in our final copy of our recommendation report and presenting our presentation.  I have been working on making some last changes to the section of the paper that I wrote and creating my powerpoint slides. 

Group Blog--Facebook

Our group met on Monday December 8th to make the finishing touches on our Final Draft.  We went over the comments and made changes due to what our peer evaluation group said about our paper on Friday.  Then we went through our presentation and powerpoint and planned out how we are going to present to the class this Friday.  We also shared the word we had completed over the weekend and concluded that we have met all the requirements of this project. 

Recommendation Project Blog

Today I met with my group and worked on the final draft of our paper.  I worked with Kelly on making the suggested revisions from our peer review notes and finalizing the final draft of our paper.  I will spend the next 2 days preparing for my part of the powerpoint presentation that we are scheduled to give on Wednesday.

Individual Research for Recommendation Project----Week 4

On Monday we met as a group for the workshop to discuss with Prof Kerns what we needed to do to make our report better.  I was unable to make it for the rest of the meeting due to a presenation in a class I had right after ours and a fire alarm.  Later on Monday night I made the revesions to my section.  Tuesday we plan on meeting around 7:30 to finish the paper and prepare the presentation.