Work Progress: Project 3

Today, my group will be presenting our recommendation report.  We met today for the final time to go over slide transistion as well as practice.  Personally, I was responsible for the costs analysis and the conclusion.  I also helped Sol with the final portion of the handout.

Project 3 progress

This week we have had three meeting to get this project three together. we meet on tuesday night. Everyone was suppose to have their parts done., so we could out it together. Everyone did, we just had to fix a couple of things. Wednesday we meet before class at 1:30 to make sure everything flowed togehter. Inder and i went to go bind everything together. We turned in our report Wednesday in class. Today is Friday and we are meeting again to go over the preseantation one last time, but i belive we are going to do a good job.

Project 3 progress

last week , we decide to divide the different task up and to meet through e-mail and couple of times after class

individual blog

Tomorrow we are presenting our project 3 to the class.  We are meeting beforehand to make sure the presentation will go smoothly.  This week we met to finish up the paper and break up the presentation.  I went through the paper and made sure there were no more errors and smoothed over the conclusion and solutions parts of the paper.  

Work Week Blog 10

This week, we really switched into full speed and completed the necessary and remaining tasks to meet the requirements of the projects. I contributed heavily on proof reading the entire paper, helped in formatting, and making the paper look appealing. I also arranged meeting time at quite a few instances.

Work Week Blog 9

The past week, we worked on turning our Rough Draft into a Final Draft. We talked briefly about some approaches on how to create the PowerPoint and do the presentation. We also talked about how we could improve the paper, what area needed work, and what areas we liked. We all agreed to take advantage of the services the Writing lab offered if we had time.


I worked on my parts individually and proof read them, added some pictures. I also went through the sources to check that they matched in the paper.

My work for the group since the last time I posted a blog.

First of all I would like to say sorry because I completely forgot about posting my own blogs for the group. The group meets so much and there was so much communication through other mediums that I forgot about the blogs. I have mainly just been researching about the project. One of my main research topics for the new paper was the "Truth" commercials and there director and overall information about those commercials. I found that Tom Kuntz was the director and that the new commercials are made by The Sunny Side of Truth," which is a branch off of the "Truth" organization. Like I said the group has been meeting on a very regular basis so there was not muh need for research out side of the meetings, so pretty much everyone knew what everyone was doing. Again I apologize for not posting in some time.

Daniel Barry

Project 3 - Weekly Blog 4

I have been working on my note cards for the presentation.  I have also helped to finalize the handouts.  I have began preparation for our presentation.

week 9 update

I have created the presentation powerpoint for my group and revised some of the slides after the meeting with my group members. We had  meetings on monday and tuesday. Yesterday we have went over our parts as a rehearsal and gave some correction to each others slides and work. After the meeting, I have prepared for the presentaion.

Project 3 - Weekly Blog 3

I have been working with my group to help finalize the recommendation report as well as the power point slide show.  I have also been working to finish my peer evaluation form.