Oscilloscope Group: Anderson Individual Blog 4

conducted some test and post questionaire. making the usability report

Wireless Connection - Group Blog

First Meeting of the Wireless Connection Group, all other information sharing was split among group members.

-We met after our last class at 5:20 on Wednesday April 29th

Wireless Network Individual

Now that the usability testing had been conducted, we will compile the report for the final draft.  Common user problems have been identified and will be addressed in the report.  The report will tacked on to the documentation along with the user surveys and turned in next week.  If any last minute changes or adjustments need to be done, we will be able to finish those in the next few days.


-Who:  Ansbaugh, Davitt, Kreul, Simpson

-When:  Wednesday, 4/29/09

-Where:  ENGL421 classroom

-Goal:  finalize plans for Documentation completion

-Topics discussed:  Usability Study Report, Documentation changes, extra credit option

Oscilloscope Group Meeting 4

Meeting Time: In Triangle 6pm-10pm, Wednesday 4/29/09

Attendees: John, Micharel

Meeting Goal: usability studies

Topics Discussed: Usability Studies.

LINUX GROUP: Personal Blog for the week of April 27th

I worked with all other group members on performing user testing. Samhita and I will meet this weekend to finalize the user documentation and write the appendix for user testing.

LINUX GROUP: Personal Blog for the week of April 20th

I created the first draft of the user documentation. I worked with Cole and Samhita on user surveys. This was really a week where the document was finalized, nothing much else occurred.

LINUX GROUP: Meeting 5 - User Testing

Meeting at: 9:00pm 4/27/2009

Location: My apartment

Attended by: Will, Mark,Cole, Samhita

Goals: Perform all user testing for project

Topics discussed: none

Decisions: We performed user testing and Samhita was elected to parse the results

Wireless Connection - Individual

As of 7 p.m. last night we held our experimental runs and watched as our participants worked through our user documentation and set up their connections.  It went more smoothly than expected, and was less awkward than led to believe due to most of them being friends or acquaintances. As of today our team is meeting for the first time to compile the data.


When: April 29, 2009

Where: Beering (Classroom)

What: Finished usability tests today! Preparing to write report.

For Next Time: Turn in final draft and report.