Origin 6.1: Week Four



When: April 30, 2009

Where: ENAD Lab

Who: Jordan, Matt, Tim, Nathan

What: Wrote report for usability test and made a multimedia version of the documentation.

For Next Time: FINISHED!!


When: April 29, 2009

Where: In Class

What: Discussed findings for usability testing. Found out that one step had some misleading wording. Set up meeting time for multimedia rendition and usability report fabrication.

Who: Everyone but Tim.

For Next Time: Write the report and make the multimedia version of the documentation.

Project #3 Individual #4

I put together the user profles as collected in our test. Worked on the methods portion of the Appendix. This will include how we completed our testing, the questions on the survey, and testing facility. Picked out pertinet information that includes to be included in the table for user profiles. We are planning to meet later today to finalize the draft.

Individual Blog for Week of April 27th

Attended user testing at Will's place. Will be writing appendix and doing final work on the documentation this weekend.

Individual Blog for Week of April 20th

Worked with group on user surveys, independently researched Linux.

Individual Blog for week of April 16th

Attended one meeting. Went over storyboard ideas and PowerPoint with Will.

Individual Blog for Week of April 6th

Attended meetings and did proofreading.

Individual Blog - Documentation Project

I acted as record keeper for the user testing we conducted. We had 8 people arrive for the user testing and they began the tutorial as Doug installed the program and the video tutorial on their computers. As each person began I recorded their starting time and walked around noting any issues i saw. Most notably were issuse with the program itself and not our tutorial, but as such showed us that our tutorial could do better to help the user with these basic issues.

Project 3: Individual Blog 4

Our group has finished our usability testing.  Our documentation has been edited.  I have written the first part of our usability report (background).  All that is left is the analysis of the usability test.  The only problems we found were that we needed to explain better how to apply the nail polish.