Individual Blog Entry: Bicycle Playing Cards

I submitted a peer review for this project.  I will be getting started on the final report by creating the background information on the product we tested.

Individual Blog Documentation

The report is off to a good start.  We are ahead of schedule and will most likely turn in the final report early.  The user testing went better than expected and we had to make very few changes to our draft.

group meeting blog-myra and ally

Today Myra and I met in a computer lab at 1:00 to start working on our report.  We compiled all of our results and began writing.  We finished most of our report during the hour and a half before class started, then we finished it up during class.  All we have to do now is make sure there are no typos and we will be done with our project!

Individual Blog - iPhone Group


Finished up documentation website for usability test.

Fixed errors as suggested by peer review.

Edited visuals on website.

Added video link to site.

Photoshop Personal Entry #2

I have been helping to put pictures into the documentation along with making a question and suggestion form for the testing.  I had two friends volunteer to come test our documentation.

Photoshop Group Entry #3

When/Where: Monday April 27 at Beering Lab

Who: Jordan Gilsinger, Shatio Ballard, Roya Arkhavain, Reston Rawlings

Goal:  Get all our volunteers to complete our documentation.

Decisions: Put all the pictures and info needed on a cd to use on the test

Tasks: We watched over the volunteers and took notes on their progress and also there answers to our question and suggestions form.

Plans for next meeting: Fix problems that were found during the test and begin to finish up the project

Cigarettes Group meeting 2

Where - In Class

Who - Adam, Chih-Hao

When - March 27th, 2009, at 3 pm

Goal -Talked about our usability test, checked update for the documentation and assigned tasks for the report.

Topic discussed - Whether we should improve our documentation for our users and the dateline for our task of the report.

Decisions - Rearranging our documentation for more space and better picture arrangement.  Rough draft of report should be finished by Sunday

Tasks -

Cigarettes Group meeting 1

Where - In class

Who - Chih-Hao and Adam

When - April 22nd, 2009, at 3 pm

Goal - Set up usability test schedule and procedure.  Manage our documentation.

Topic discussed -Time, location and how people for the usability test.  Update and modify our documentation for our users

Decisions - Adam and I will each have 4 people doing the usability test at different time and location, but the materails applied will be the same.

Tasks -

Individual Blog for Microcal Origin

We just conducted usability testing.  It went pretty smoothly.  There were no major issues.  We can add in a few steps to make it a little easier, but overall we are happy with our product so far.

Individual Blog: Bicycle Card Company Group

I helped with the research and development of the card.  I created the rule cards themselves using a set of guidelines for the dimensions.  Helped, contriubuted towards the storyboard by giving personal input.