Linux documentation grouppersonal entry 5/1/09

For this final week after writing the usability testing survey and performing the test, I made the tester commentsnon the tests performed, and produced the relevant insight about the document to the team. I looked into the issue raised about the arrows and we polished the draft. The final appendix will be done soon.

Photoshop Personal Entry #3

I have been working on the Method section of the usability report.  I am including who was at the testing and how the test was run.

Photoshop Group Entry #4

When/Where: Thursday April 30 at Hicks

Who: Jordan Gilsinger, Shatio Ballard, Roya Arkhavain, Reston Rawlings

Goal:  Put together the usability report.

Decisions: We split sections of the usability report up so everyone has a sections to write about.

Tasks: We made a list of items that should be described in the usability report to be put together at the next meeting.

Plans for next meeting: Put everyones part into the main paper and make any corrections that are needed.

Individual Blog: Adobe Photoshop Group

So since the last time our group met I have once again edited the document so that the part that the majority of the people got stuck on during the usibility testing was fixed. I need to get a picture of this step to make it more clear. I also added a few more lines of procedure and also stated to look at the video if people get stuck at any part. Hopefully I get all the parts for the usibility report soon and I will put it all together and edit and refine that.



---Roya Akhavain

Adobe-Individual Blog

On this past week, our group conducted our usability test. After evaluating the pre and post questionnaires, my responsibility was to evaluate the post-questionnaires and discuss the results and recommendations in the paper. In the paper I talked about how the participants stated that they did not see any real issue that prevented them from completing the test. I also noted that the participants stated that video was a great supplemental aid.


For Travis Lee...


I have taken on the task of compiling everyone's work, editing, and writing the usability report.

I hope the peer evaluations and final grades reflect the extra work I am doing.

DVD Backup Group Log

We have met this weekend and compiled our new material and hopefully have met all of the project guidelines with the exception of the usability report, which is not finished.


The group leader will make sure to remind everyone about the peer evaluations.

02MAY09 Individual Contribution to DesignWorkshop Lite Group

This week the group has been reviewing the results from the usability test.  During the test I was responsible for installing the testing software and directing the test subjects to begin the usability test.  I have been responsible for developing a transcript of all directions given in the Captivate project used in the usability test in the form of a word document, to be used in the final report of results.  I am also aiding in the final edits and review of the usability test report, including the formation of a conclusion to the report.

Individual Blog - Wireless 4

Worked on the usibility report and added a title page to the documenation.  Also scanned all of the surveys connducnted by our group to include with the final documentation.

Individual Blog 4: Purdue Libraries

After my group meeting on Thursday during which I helped revise our documentation and write the appendix, I volunteered to finalize everything and turn in it.  Today I added the title page to our documentation as well as combined my user study observations with the others from my group.  I emailed these documents out to the other members for them to look over and will turn everything in once I get the OK from them.