Documentation StarCraft Individual 5

We did not need to meet this week.  There was only a little left to add to the usability report.  We seem to be having problems with the screen capture video, so the extra video might be scrapped. 

Individual Blog - DesignWorkshop Lite Tutorial

Group had an email conversation to send our indivdual parts of the report to each other for editing and final assembly for the project. I wrote the section about discussion of test results.

Adobe-Individual Blog

After compiling my part of the Usability test report. I decided that I needed to cut down on some of the information that was put into the paper. I wanted the discussion section to be very detailed, however I decided that some of the information that I put into the report could be eliminated because it was not pertinent information. Therefore, I deleted some of the information in my section of the reporting and enhanced other sections.

myPurdue Documentation Individual Blog - 6

I met with the group tonight to work on the usuability report for the project. I wrote about the background information of the software. We'll be compiling and editing this over the next two days to turn it in on Wednesday.

Individual Blog: 5/1/09

This week, we completed our Usability Test.  Now we have to write up the Appendix section for the Documentation and make necessary changes to the Documentation.  After completing the testing, we do not anticipate having to make any major changes to our Ducumentation, only smaller additions to existing steps to make the process go even smoother.  The final Documentation with Usability Test appendix and Usability Test materials are all due by Wendssday at 4:30pm.

Documentation Project Individual Project Log

Entry Four

This week we administered the usability test and processed the results. I was responsible for putting together the rough draft of the report on the results and on the usability test itself.

Individual Blog Week of April 27th

Still working on Appendix. Gathering data from group members, organizing information, writing results and conclusions.

Individual Blog Documentation

We finished out report and will be turning it in soon.  The project went well, we had few probelms with our documentation.  We were able to fix anything that was an issue without much trouble.

Project 3 - Blog for Week 4

This week we did the user stability test report and updated changes to our documentation. We have our final documentation prepared and are going to review it one more time before we submit it on Wednesday.

Documentation Log 5


-Reviewed and edited usability study report

-Emailed edited draft to next group member for review

-Revised documentation with more descriptive text

-Added updated pictures for certain steps

-Emailed revised documentation to group for review