Project#3 Individual #5

After our meeting last week for the final project, we finished the final copy a few days ago. I fixed the text and lined up the graphics. Once again, everything was made as uniform as possible. I actually attempted to do the video capture but was unsuccessful in using Camstudio. Unfortunatly, no extra credit for us! I had most of it completed in video format with titles and slides (frames) added, but for some reason the rendered video was too blurry, I cannot present this to Dr. Kerns. The PDF was sent to Dr. Kerns and now we wait for our grades!

Individual Blog: 5/6/09

Well, the project is over, and this is my last individual blog.  I think our Documentation turned out successful, with ~20 pages of Documentation, ~5 pages of Usability Test Report, and ~5 pages of Usability Test Materials.  I think if I were required to make a Documentation in the future, I could do so effectively, having taken ENGL421.

Photoshop Group Entry #5

When/Where: Monday May 4 in Beering

Who: Jordan Gilsinger, Shatio Ballard, Roya Arkhavain, Reston Rawlings

Goal:  Make any last minute corrections to the usability report and completely finish up the whole project.

Decisions: We are going to wait until Wednesday to turn in everything together.

Tasks: We moved some images around and we burned everything onto a CD.

Plans for next meeting: Turn in the final project and go enjoy our summer!

LINUX GROUP: Personal Blog for the week of May 4th

I received Samhita's user testing appendix, and integrated it into the user documentation. I also cleaned up the user documentation a little bit, and submitted this as the final version. The class is now done!

Photoshop Personal Entry #4

I have been working with the group to put the finishing touches on our usability report along with the rest of the project. 

Adobe-Individual Blog

Now, finishing up the final draft of the project. Added a Table of Contents to the beginning of the report. Also, made sure that all the information that was needed was on the disk. Will be turning in the project today.

Individual Blog: Adobe Photoshop Group

We met last night to figure out what we need to do to put the finishing touches on our usibilty report and the documentation itself. I then came home and had to fix the usibilty report and the documentation. That is now complete. We are meeting again today to compile everything we have so it can be turned in.


--Roya Akhavain

MS Publisher Newsletter Documentation - Week 5

Not a lot of additional research was done after the usability study.  I had to go through the scans of the surveys and pull out some info for a table, which I then put into the report.  I also helped compile a document containing all of the image scans of the surveys and the observation sheets.  Other than this task, I have the general task of revising the final draft of the report before it is turned in.

Adobe-Individual Blog

Met with group today in the basement of BRNG to finish revising the Usability report, the video, and the documentation. Reviewed all contents and we are getting it ready to turn in tomorrow. We will be meeting again tomorrow to make sure everything is alright for us to turn in the report.

Final Individual Origin 6.0 Blog

Today I put together our Usability Report.  Karen and Katie gave me their pieces and I tried to tie everything together.  It took around 3 hours to get the format right and to try and get everything incorporated that needed to be in there.  I believe I have also finalized our Documentation.  Hopefully we are all done.  All I need to do is send them both in.